Dear friends

A couple of days ago I've used the Prefetch map tool of Mission Planner to cache an area that I was interested in flying, and since then I've found out that Mission Planner fails to load satellite tiles of not prefetched areas, being all blured.

If I load those areas in hybrid mode, it loads perfectly the vectorial information of the places, streets, etc, but the imagery is still blured.

I know that there are alternatives for google maps tiles, like the ovimaps, bingmaps, etc, etc., but the fact that something isn't working is a real nuisance, and perhaps it's a bug that wasn't found untill now.

I show you attached a sample image of a border prefetched area, showing clearly the blurry areas contrasting the sharped prefetched ones.

It's impossible for the cause to be google to not have imagery of that place, since it's a preety well covered area in the google maps site/google earth.

I've tried to refetch the blured areas to see if those areas were reloaded, but no luck.

Does anyone else had the same problem or knows how to solve it?

My Mission Planner is version 1.2.95 build 1.1.5150.11972.

Thanks in advance for any answer.

blured tiles.png

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  • Did you ever fix this issue. Same thing just happened to me.

  • Gee, no ideias?

This reply was deleted.