Dear Friends,

   I am using APM2.5 with dji f550 frame with dji motors and i changed opto esc with turnigy plush 30A. After that I gave all the connections properly and completed every calibration step. But after calibrating the esc's the motors are getting armed automatically, and also except the throttle none of the stick command is not working. And even I'm not able to dis arm the motors so finally i have to restart the system again and again I have to do the esc calibration ( I donno why my esc are loosing throttle calibration every time I switch on) and again after calibration my motors are arming automatically and and rotating according to the throttle command. so please some one help me to sort out this problem. And also let me know how to check the logs for this problem.

Thanks in Advance.

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  • Ya Steve,
    On Quad im using ntn 28-26s motors and turnigy 30A plush esc and on hex im using turnigy 30A plush and DJI 2212 920Kv motors.
  • Hi Steve,
    but when i switch my apm2.5 from hex to quad, it working good enough. And im not able to figure out the problem where it is coming. If you have any idea please let me know. Thanks.
  • I think it is normal for your motors to be armed after ESC calibration but before unplugging batter. This is from the ESC calibration section of the guide. Once you calibrate you the unplug your battery to get out of ESC calibration mode.

    Here is the link if you don't have it.

    Do you still have a problem after following the ESC calibration steps?

    11.Test that the motors spin by raising the throttle a bit and then lowering it again.

    12. The APM is still in ESC calibration mode and before flying you will need to return it to regular flight mode.

    13. To enter normal flight mode directly from ESC calibration mode, put the throttle low and disconnect and reconnect the battery.

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