Hi all,

finally completed my arducopter, and been able to finally test it... unfortunately only indoor and not outdoor as it was already pretty dark when I completed everything.

But I have a problem and I'm not sure it's normal give the conditions (indoors, no GPS lock, flying very low) or it's somehow a problem.

What I noticed is that just increasing throttle, the copter takes off, but moves on one side (not yawing, just moving on one side); go to about 1:05 to see the problem.

It's not always along the same arm, so I doubt it's a problem with one of the motors.

Is it normal? or a problem I should somehow try to solve? My frame is a stock jDrones frame so the PIDs should be correct for those.

Another thing I noticed is that when I plug in the LiPo, 3 motors vibrate a bit, while the 4th doesn't do anything, but all motors are armed correctly and all start turning at the same moment. Is this an indicator of something or just something that happens?

Thank you


PS: If you are interested here is a youtube playlist with all the unedited raw timelapse rendering of the assembly phases. I'll then assemble it in a hopefully better video of the assembly process :)

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    You are really brave trying fly your Quad in such a tight space. You really need a larger space to fly in. In such a tight space your copter is creating all kinds of vortexes. Stay clear of the ceiling your Quad will become an upside down vacuum cleaner. My AR Drones use to get sucked and stuck to the ceiling when it got close.

    Good Luck,
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