• On the same subject this is worth watching.

    I actually stopped flying with plastic props after the second crash because the a prop broke in 1/2 in mid flight. Probably some are better than others if anybody can recommend a supplier that's known to be be good I would appreciate it. I got mine on eBay and so you know.... who knows how their made. 

    • If that happens it is because your propsize and motors are not properly matched, it has nothing to do with quality.  Using stronger props hides the error, it doesn't correct it.

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      CAMcarbon Light Props seem to be the new hype here and they work very well, did not had to balance a single prop.

      Graupner E-Props are that good as well though i like the CAM Props more.

      aero-naut Modellbau GmbH & Co. KG - CAMcarbon Light Prop
    • Richard: at my club was the same problem when I begun, people were flying with cheap plastic HK props and they broke and crash time to time, only one with APC didn't broke them so I bougth that and no problem including slow crashes. Tower hobbies sell them, I bougth there.

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    Guys, we play and use machines with 4 or more blades attached spinning at 5-12000rpm. it they hit flesh it will hurt and most of us including me have found out just how much it does hurt, usually we dont make the same mistake again and we learn to treat these devices with the respect they deserve,

    yes , plastic props are safer because they will break in a significant impact but the cutting is usually caused by a glancing blow not a full on impact. they can beak at the wrong time but close inspection before each flight goes a long way to preventing that and lets face it they are as cheap as chips anyway. I personally will not use CF props asI dont feel the advantage is worth the risk. I have never broken a prop in flight on either multicopters or fixed wing aircraft. 

    I have the greatest sympathy for the kiddie that got hurt but none for the pilot. Sure its the last thing anyone wants to see, but if MY quad is flying anywhere near a kid then the quad is going to bite the dust deliberately a long way from that point. To clip a tree over any kiddie is plain stupid. 

  •  I program my small quad to stop it's prop with a small radar. :-)

    • Much better than prop guards if it cold be made reliable.  Nice!!!

  • I don't mean to say plastic props are safe, no.  Plastic is safER than carbon fiber.

    Drone prop episode here:

    It is rather dismaying to me that some of the misinformation out there about our 'drones' is actually originating within our own R/C community.

    • Hey Tony.. check out this video I made. I think it's an accurate display of what would happen if a drone ran into you. I don't think that dummy they use on Myth busters represents skin very well just the overall strength of the human torso. If it has 'skin' I'm sure it would be damaged all the time just in handling so they use the dummy to detect more serious injuries. Could be wrong. But you are right about stories claiming a little drone is gonna cut off your head or something is complete nonsense.

      The test I did here was only 1/4 throttle or so. The thing that can be really nasty is sometimes the props break off leaving a nasty jagged edge and the way the props spin in opposite direction it has the tendency to pull whatever it hits into it even more. Sort of like a shredder.

      I think what Paul did with the sensor to stop the props would be a great answer! One on each arm set to about 1-2 feet. Really nice then you have the safety without the PITA prop guards.

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    I dont get tired to say. We all need to follow the common sense rules!

    Dont fly near Kids and Pets! Never ever.

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