• The accident was not caused by an unsafe drone, it was caused by an unsafe pilot.

      Bumpers don't need to be mandatory. They don't protect from above which is the most common way a crashing drone hits a person. They add weight, catch the wind, can collide with props, trap fingers etc in the path of the blade, so can cause accidents rather than save them. They have a use in close quarters but for everyday pilots they simply should not fly near people.

  • Awhile back I saw these props that their claim to fame was they were quiet. They had a rounded mass on the tip. Seems like that could help by perhaps being more of a blunt impact as appose to being hit by the point of sharp sizers. 

  • Richard, that was a one-in-100,000,000 bad incident.

    If you are truly overwrought, . . . 1) flimsier props made from ABS instead of carbon fiber or carbon/nylon 2) prop guards

    3) [get ready for it. . . ]  just don't fly near people.

    I mostly employ method #3

    • I stopped using flimsy props after I had two crashes when they broke in mid flight. Yes duh... don't fly near people. But it will happen more and more as more MR are sold. 

    • Plastic props only break in midflight if your propsize/motor combination is wrong and you are spinning them too fast.

  • People are severely injured, maimed and even killed on a daily basis due to accidents around the home. This is just another risky activity that should be executed *with caution*. It sounds like this person was flying outside of their home and in close proximity to other people... unfortunately, with the rise in popularity of multirotors more people are exposed to such threats until people start to understand the inherent risks with flying lawnmowers close to themselves and others. The message will sink in "the hard way". Unfortunately, cases such as this - involving innocent children - will likely lead to tighter standards being applied (such as all hobby drones being required to be equipped with propeller guards)... which might not be an unreasonable next step.

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