3691098502?profile=original I am working with some folks from Nerds4Nature to develop a drone that can land at various waypoints in a body of water( HUGO is particularly good at this) and sit there for 25 seconds up to 5 minutes in order to obtain water quality readings from some of the sensors you see at the front of the copter.

  I have set up a mission  with an auto take off from floating on the waters surface ( to establish 0 Altitude). Then fly to the first waypoint and land. In the next command( takeoff) I added a delay in the first colum, but suspect "delay" is not supported by this command. The multiple, geolocated takeoffs-landings work great, but without the delay, I cannot collect the readings. Does anyone know of a work around here? Thanks for your help.

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  • Hi Sean,

    This is Great as I too am developing a multirotor that will sample pH offshore in SoCal as part of a Long term ecological study. We are currently developing a bottle sampler that hopefully collect a small water sample at 15ft below the surface that will then be processed back on land. I look forward on your progress! 


    • I have a water sampler on the drawing board, but need to get to landing in the water with a delay as a first step. We have a datalogger set up to go,  but this part is holding me up a bit. I will post the project on the main page once we are getting usable data

  • To delay for 'x' seconds enter the value in the first parameter of LOITER_TIME in Mission planner. It keeps hovering at current (lat, lon, altitude) for the time entered.

    I guess this is what you are looking for?
    • Shyam,

       I am actually wanting to fly to a specific waypoint over a body of water, land, delay in that position for about 30 seconds or so ( up to 5 minutes fro dissolved oxygen sensor) thaen take-off, fly to a new waypoint , and so on....

      I tried the "condition-delay command, but it seemed to have no response.I inserted it between a "land"command and a "takeoff" command. I am wondering if I need a "waypoint" command with no GPS,Alt info added in before or after the "condition-delay" command.???

  • I haven't used it, but maybe give CONDITION_DELAY a try?

    • I tried it today between the "land" and "takeoff" commands but it seemed to have no effect. I will keep trying a few different approaches to try to get something to work.

    • Now that you say it, that makes perfect sense! I had it in my head that command meant to wait for a condition to exist and delay until that time. Duh. I feel certain you are right and will try at first light. Thanks Bo

      Great Dog:)
    • Great Dog:)


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