i need quad copter design and specification ( hardware ) and differnet detail i need quadcoptre fly 30 min and tale off weight will be 250g to 30kgs i will pay how can help me for all this project or make my this project  talk to me in deati lon whats app or skype waiting reply 

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  • 30Kg is WAY over the legal limit to fly any quad/hex/octocopter at least in US air space. You need commercial pilots licenses, FAA approval and authorization to even test such a craft. as well as full up FAA inspection , flight plan filings etc. This is a hobby level forum, not commercial drone development. None of the hobby level FC;s could handle the dynamics of a beast like that

  • Sorry my time is valuable no time to jump form concept to concept with you, You ask for a heavy lift copter for 60lb payload now your asking for race quad one has nothing to do with the other!  Your wasting peoples time if your going to operate like that employ a project manager to organize your projects may be start one!  All the stuff your asking about can be purchased on the open market only going to be more expensive to have it custom made !

  • talk to me in skype so if u can do what  i need have urs wages from me 

  • i am not wasting time  i not yet found right person hope can make degsin for raceing quadcopter and other things 

  • Still wasting peoples time here asking for help, you have no intention of soliciting KHan !!!

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