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How do you Calculate what battery to use on a HJ 450 with APM 2.6, OSD, GPS, DJI motors, LEDS, FPV, Gopro has it's own battery but I do have an FPV CMOS camera as well. I was thinking 4S but the guy at Drones Plus said I could use a 3s, I don't beleive him because they hate DIYers. Any sugestions would be graetly appreciated!!

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  • ok another newbie question: whe you buy a power distribution board and it has BECs and outputs for 5 v and 12 v, do you still need the step down controllers or does that board step it down for you?.. this is my first real build and I am trying to understand it before I make expensive mistakes..Thank you all for the replies!!

  • Hi Kevin,

    3S stays for 3 battery cells connected in serial > 3 x 3.7V = 11.1V

    4S > 4 x 3.7V = 14.8V    ( provided, the nominal voltage of your cell is 3.7V )

    I use LM based based step-down controller

    to get 12V LED strip connected to 50V solar panel, reducing output voltage 50V to 12V

    If you controller has one input and many outputs, i.e.  15V  >   3V, 5V,  12V ...

    you should carefully check nominal voltage and current of every device, hardware being connected to the control board and check every connector for proper voltage and current output.

    You should read first documentation and manuals carefully to get relevant technical data

    If your FPV CMOS camera is 5V, it should be connected to 5V power supply output provided to camera

    If your FPV CMOS camera is 12V ....    look for 12V output and current level to match power consumption of your camera ( max power consumption)

    Easy job if you get wiring diagram and connectors listed for voltage and current output.

    Never risk connecting new hardware ad hoc.

  • check out ecalc:

  • Kevin, you can use eCalc where you can enter all your equipment weight, motors secs et all. You can then see what difference there is between different batteries, props, etc. It's worth paying for it! Best DP
  • 4s is most common but you need another battery or a regulator for your leds, fpv, etc. I use 3s and only main battery for all that things and no risk to burn nothing.

    Perhaps you need different props.

    My little cents.

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