I am not interested in purchasing one of these, but I thought y'all may be interested.

 [Chinglish description text spell-corrected and posted below]

COMING SOON - Quanum i8 APM/PixHawk radio system


COMING SOON - Quanum i8 APM/PixHawk radio system

The Quanum i8 Radio was developed specifically for APM/PixHawk users. The dial has pre-set PWM positions that can be assigned by the user via Mission Planner software. Along with 2 sliders for gimbal control and 8 channels in total the Quanum i8 is a groundbreaking radio and the first radio system in the market developed specifically for Ardupilot users. The included receiver is also said to have simultaneous PWM and PPM output! Each position on the dial is indicated by one of the 6 LEDs on the top of the radio, a set of stickers to suit your mode selections will be included with each radio to customize your setup.


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  • Lol, on the HobbyKing website it was "Adrupilot". This is quite interesting, wondering about the programming software and all. Thanks for posting this!

  • 3D Robotics

    I'm going to repost this in the front page News section, as it deserves broader attention

  • 3D Robotics

    I've got one of these and it's really quite handy. It's low cost by intention, so don't compare it with a high-end radio, but the dedicated buttons and LEDs are great. 

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