Optical Flow Sensor APM2.5?

Good day,The optical flow sensor document describes the setup for the APM2 but I have an APM2.5.How do I connect MISO, MOSI and SCLK to the APM2.5? I assume the analog connection remains the same.Thank youRandy

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  • Hi Guys,

    I have given the connections given in the WIKI page and now my optical flow sensor is working well. Even I'm able to grab the images and motion values using python test program.

  • Hi Randy,

    do you have a solution ??
    I have the same problem, i have a new APM2.5 with plastic housing,
    do i need a special shield to connect these further 3Pins MOSI, MISO,SCLK ?
    or where to connect to the board ??  will try to search on the other link,
    please write me answer. thanks very much   Thomas

  • 3D Robotics

    Please see this thread, which is discussing this.

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