I looked around in the wikis and forums but I could not find updated info on this matter.

Can somebody please help me to sort out the use of parameters Throttle Rate and Altitude Hold?

I also wonder about Acro Roll and Acro Pitch - are they at all used in multi rotor copter?

3690897162?profile=originalAltitude Hold shows as THR_ALT in the parameter list:

3690897106?profile=originalThen, finally, I wonder if there is any general recommendation about using the "Lock Pitch and Roll Values" (which syncronizes any roll param adjustment to corresponding pitch param, and vice versa)?

Could it be relevant to use differentiated roll / pitch values on certain frames (like hexa) while keeping it syncronized on quads? Or what...

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  • Developer

    The alt error is caped at +- 300cm. 

    So if you're > 300cm here is the equation:

    -300 * .35 = -105 or 1.05 m/s climb rate.

    Say the actual climb rate is 0 m/s

    (-105 - 0)  * .5 = -53 ( or -5.3% throttle gain)


    The rate scales down as you approach the setpoint


  • I have always understood Alt hold to be the pid that seeks the altitude found when the alt hold mode is engaged.

    The throttle rate is the pid from the throttle stick and how it reacts. This rate would be similar to how the rate roll, pitch, and yaw are. I presume that the acro roll and pitch can be used during acro mode for rate, but could be for stabilize.

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