PIXHawk RX power?

None of my PXhawks power my RX. I am using a 5v BEC, but I would prefer not to add the weight and additional failure point. Is there a reason they don't natively power 5v?

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  • The PixHawk comes with a power cable that has matching XT60 connectors and a BEC/power monitor that is used to power the PixHawk. If you don't have one you can pick one up at 3dr, readytoflyquads, Hobbyking, and I think Getfpv to name a view. I think they start at $18 US. Make sure that is comes with the 6-wire cable.

    • Oops, sorry I misunderstood. The power is pulled off the receiver from either the rc(sbus/ppm) or spkt/dsm ports. I have the X8R and use the SBUS to RC cabling and then I have used the spectrum satellite to the spot/dsm on a number of quads at my old job. If you are using a ppm adapter you may need the BEC depending on the ppm module.

  • The reason is that it's a 3.3v main system... there are other threads discussing why the servo rail is unpowered from the main power input, so I won't repeat it here. Basically, if you want to power your servos, you can either supply 5v to the servo rail (with risk of spiking the rail with excessive voltage) or run a separate power system for servo power.

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      The RC-IN +'ve pin is 5V, I measured 4.8V on my system.  You are correct in the signals are 3.3V compatible, but power is supplied at 5V

      As for powering servos, you need a UBEC to supply the +'ve rail with 5V.

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    What RX are you using? And which pins are connected.

    I have had no problem powering my RXs FrSky D4R-II / X8D and DR8-II+

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