has anyone here used the px4 board with futaba sbus system yet? would love to hear from anyone as im stuck scratching my head.




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  • Hi!! 

    I have the OrageRX R800X, with the s.bus port, when I hook it to the 9 connector of the px4io, and start the radio calibration, I got nothing... is this RX incompatible??


    any help?


  • I have attach a Orange RX S Bus to the RX4.  When I look at the Mission Planner I see all my switches and joystick inputs move, but they are on the wrong channel.  So I can verify that it is working but I don't know how to switch the Throttle, Roll, Pitch and Yaw channels.  Does anyone know how to reassign these in PX4?

  • I was tried to connect SBUS Rx to PX4IO but no success (with Arducopter). FrSky PPM-sum work nice. I think board is waiting for inverted SBUS like autoquad board and mikrocopter.

  • Developer

    I've never used it but I'm pretty sure that you don't plug it into the regular ppmsum input connector which is down with the motor outputs.  The connector is somewhere else on the board although i'm not sure where.

  • Hello Marc.  I have been using the S.Bus on the PX4FMU/IO stack.  Have you asked anyone on the PX4 users group? It would be great to have a thread on the DIY Forum, but I think discussions for the PX4 is being directed towards  its google groups page. 

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