Running out of time calibrating compass

I like the feedback of the new compass calibration but I keep running out of time trying to calibrate my new Iris. I keep getting the error that it couldn't mine enough data. Also, I think I am covering all of the basis, but I end up seeing that I missed one of the axis'. Is there a way to extend the time for compass calibration? 


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  • I used a long USB cord. Start Copter facing forward rotate 180 forward and 360 backward  Go back to original Roll either way 180 deg then 360 the opposite. Go to original position Yaw rotate 90 deg and repeat above until all 90 deg yaw positions are done individually. You can do it in less than a min if your fast. 

  • MR60

    Don't know if it's changed since the last time I did it, but with the USB tied to it, it was like learning a new line dance with a line tied to your butt.  Kept thinking, OK, my next move is this but how do I get there without accidentally disturbing the USB connection.

  • just click ok, finish wizard, than you will see a regular "manual" calibration screen, there you can take your time.  this is how i did compass cali 2 times on a pixhawk so far.. 

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