Safety for Pixhawk powered drones

After my quad got stolen, I started to think if it's possible to implement any sort of software or hardware protection like password lock or something. Do you think it is possible to implement?What I have in mind is a configurable set of values on all (or some) channels that flight controller expects to see upon power on. If this "code" is incorrect, it should be impossible to fly or establish any communication at all. The code should be stored in EEPROM or something so reflashing would not help. Even better, if it's possible to "lock" any flashing altogether on a hardware level and unlock it with a password, but I don't know if that is possible at all. I know there is some write protection on stm32f427 but have no idea how it works.Also, is idea is for majority of users, so that generally people would not be able to by-pass this protection but not too tight for advanced users.

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  • 50g is almost a camera.

    I'm interested in more software-like solutions. Hardware GPS tracker can be thrown away.

  • 50 grams with the case... it hardly weighs you down at all when its been stolen from you ;) LOL

  • That would be a good solution however it adds extra weight.
  • my solution would be..

    i have a small GPS tracker... it uses a pay as you go SIM card and i must say it works great..$10/month in pay as u go is a minimal insurance policy that will locate your bird everytime it goes missing....

    de-case one of those GPS trackers and mount it in your quad frame, keep it charged and you'll be able to track and locate the quad untill the tracker battery runs out (about 3-4 days)

  • Well, if that is what you really want, there is an ID parameter you can change..


  • Yeah, I understand that. My point though, is that if some kids take it for fun, they won't be able to use it simply. Also if they sell it, the buyer won't be able to use it.

    I just thought, there should be a description field in EEPROM where you can put some sort of identifier so you could recognize the device later.
  • Sorry for your loss.

    I get where you are coming from, but in order to stop a thief you have to think like one.

    Frankly speaking, using encryption or some other cyber tech is not going to keep your aircraft from being stolen.  

    Think about the typical automobile.  Keyless entry security systems, ignition disable circuits, locking steering wheels, yadda yadda, and cars are stolen every day.  Some are stolen by kids for "joy riding,' but many others are stolen by pros working for chop shops.  Selling off the parts is more lucrative and less likely to alert law enforcement than selling the vehicle in one piece.  So, even if the flight controller was cyber secured, any thief worth his salt would strip the frame, chuck the FC into the trash, and sell the individual parts.

    The only way to keep some one from walking off with your property is to keep your stuff where a thief cannot get to it.

    When I'm not out flying I keep my aircraft locked up in the house.  I also have a big mean assed dog and a Remington 12 gauge pump shotgun... 

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