Save Waypoint CH 7

I have a 3d robotics quad and FLYSKY transmitter, RTF from 3D robotics.

I have a understanding of the six flight modes and using RC 6 knob for servo on camera mount.

I see from the Mission Planner CH 7 has been setup as the Save Waypoint feature.

I can find the flight modes and RC setup in the FLYSKY and will Highlight when I flip switches.

But I cannot find or understand the CH 7 with the quad, I cannot determine which switch on the FLYSKY is supposed to key the quad to save waypoint.

How do I determine if it is saving a waypoint?

Maybe I am missing something, but cannot find anything of substance out there that helps.


I have emailed 3d robotics but no response.

Tom Gates

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  • On the MP page with radio calibration you can flip switches one at a time until you find your channel 7.
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