sensitivity of throttle

Hello everyone, I e been testing with my quad FW 2.038, and set all PID and seems to fly well, but noticed that the throttle and is way too sensitive, down or up the quad very fast with a small stick movement. where I can adjust the sensitivity of throttle?


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  • Another way to trick a slower throttle response in E flights is to increase the EndPoint Adjustment (EPA).  Its just like making the throttle servo travel slower if we increase the EPA.

  • Thanks for the quick response. and attempt to modify the EXP curve in my Futaba 12FG THR, but the effect is the same, I'm thinking that the problem is the ESC or motors. I'm using this:
  • Ahhhh, always learning!


    My Futaba 8FG let's me set it the same on all four primary channels I believe. It's actually the only channel I haven't used it on!!


    Thanks Jani..


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    Actually it is called Throttle Curve. Expo and D/R is mainly for rudder, aileron, elevator.


    Check your radio manual on how to lower throttle curve close to center stick. That should help you a lot but after flying awhile you start to do it automatically by you're self.

  • You should be able to set Exponential or Dual Rates on your TX to lessen the effect of this. This obviously won't help if the throttle is a problem on Loiter modes etc.






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