Setup of Heli

We really don't know what the problem is (because we just followed the setup for our heli) but everytime we reset the apm+imu, the set up requires us to set the radio frequency, or pids, or the levels, or the declination values.


Is there a way to retain the values we've set up even after we reset, or do we really have to re-enter them every time?

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  • @Marianne there is a save param on the mission planner under configuration. I belive rc trims are there but I could be wrong. Unfortuantely IMU accel/offsets are not there. I personally would prefer to do everything from scratch. I still havent started on my heli busy on my quads but my main issue is replacing heli's head as I reversed my blade rotation/tail rotor to mimic the real heli but hope to join the trad heli group.

    PS I think we are from the same country

  • Developer


         It's possible that there is actually some kind of obscure compiler issue that is causing your problem because apparently a couple of other people have also seen this problem.


         It seems that if you erase your eeprom the problem may go away.  I know you said you've done this twice already but can you try again?

  • It would be cool if ww had a bit more detailed manual for arducopter for traditional Heli, with or without flybarless
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