Simple questions for newbies

 i have some very simple questions which will also help any other newbie visiting this group.

How much aurdocopter costs?
how much payload it can carry?
Can it be used for experimental agriculture purpose e.g pesticide spray?
Can we automate it to a flight path using GPS module or anything else? if yes then how?

Thank you for your time and answering my questions

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  • yes

  • Arducopter is free. It doesn't technically carry any payload but rather has the capability to control a variety of vehicles that can carry a payload. It is fully open source, so it can be used for anything you want it to be used for, including experimental agriculture and pesticide spraying. Yes it can fly fully autonomous missions using a multitude of applications (Mission Planner, APM Planner, Droid Planner, or Tower). If you want to know more, start reading here:
    • Thank you Dax Hafer. Very detailed reply from your side and I love it.

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