solar panel with lipo battery pack

I have the solar panel plate the description follow below

Maximum power (PMAX)- 5W

Voltage at maximum power (VMP) - 17V

Curent at maximum power (IMP) - 0.8 AMP

Short circuit current (ISC) - 1.3 AMP

Open circuit voltage (VOC) - 12V

Maximum system voltage - 1000V

My question is that how do I charge the lipo battery pack which the cofiguration 3s lipo battery as well the maximum volt is 12V....when I was charging with B6 Charger from solar panel its showing me a "VOLTAGE INPUT ERROR" so i need explanation about this topic so can anybody solve this for me because I'am not expert into this about solar's....thanks in advance.



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  • I have a similar setup with the solar panels charging up a 12V car battery, which is hooked up to the B6. But I can't charge batteries over 3S, presumably because the input voltage is less than the voltage of the battery I'm charging. (Same error message, "VOLTAGE INPUT ERROR") But considering I the B6 can charge up to 6S, which would be 22V, and the max DC input is 18V, I'm not sure if that's the problem...

  • Your solar panel data is wrong. Voc must always be above Vmp, and you report Voc= 12 V and Vmp= 17 V, and this is not possible. Please clarify.

    In general, to charge a 12 V battery you need a 18 Vmp panel having 36 cells series connected. A 18 Vmp panel will normally deliver about 22 Voc. Your panel delivers too low voltage, just count the number of PV cells in your panel and I am sure it has less than 36.

    • Thanks for reply richard...iam not expert in the solar field...but what I got the data on it.....this ia the data I got about my solar panel richard...can you give me a suggestion which type and which rate can I use the solar panel to get charge my lipo as soon as possible. ..Richard...
  • Another problem.. The power from a panel is highly variable. If someone walks by and shades your panel or even a cloud, your panel voltage will drop to nearly zero which likely will not make the lipo charger happy.
  • I don't think that charging a lipo from a 5W panel will work very well. First off the 5W is really the theoretical max. In full sun of the summer you likely won't get even 80% of that. I have a 100W panel for other reasons outside of charging lipos and the best I have gotten in the summer with a charge controller is around 71watts or 71% of rated wattage.

    The second problem I see is that even if you got 5W it would take days of sun to charge a lipo. For my 4000mAh battery I charge at 4amp which is about 50Watts. At 50 watts it still take a good long time... So you would need to take my length of time I wait and multiply by about 10 (50W / 5W = 10)

    So I just don't see it as all that practical outside of trickle charging.
    • Thanks for reply bro....but can u suggest me a exact alternative...what I can do to charge a lipo battery what level can I buy the solar panel ..?
  • I'm not sure which B6 charger you have but they are normally rated from 11v to 18v. They will handle 3s from a 12v car battery.

    Check with a meter that the panel is in the sun and actually delivering output in that range when you connect the charger. Maximum current is only 0.8a so you would need to select a charging value below that. It's going to take a while to charge your battery.

    • Thanks for reply bro...its about total 22V is showing the multimeter. .bro..
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