Some advice on extending video range on my quad

Hi All, I am currently using the imrc 5.8 600mw tx and fatshark dominator rx module with spironet antennas. Getting a respectable 500 metres in los, but looking to extend the range. Any ideas? id like to stay with 5.8ghz if possible and super simple, no tracking etc. I am contemplating buying 5.8ghz Bluebeam Ultra Antenna Set (RHCP) IBCrazy and going for imrc 5.8ghz uno receiver mounted to a tripod. Anyone have experience with this setup or have any ideas?

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  • Hi All and thanks for the responses and input. I have decided to go all out and order a few things to play with to see what i can do with range. I have ordered Imrc Duo5800v3 diversity receiver, truerc 10db crosshair, and couple of ibcrazy bluebeam ultras. I am going to first try the bluebeams and compare them with my spironets using the goggles. then try the crosshair on the goggle rx and  the spironets on the tx and then switch the bluebeams on the tx. see how this goes with range and clarity. Then fiddle with the diversity receiver in the same way to work out what works best with my setup. I will post my findings in the next few weeks if anyone is interested. 

  • Hi Rob - I'm using the same tx and have had a strong video link out to almost 4km by using an ibcrazy helical antenna on Fatshark goggles (which I believe use the nexwave chipset).

    However, that's on a plane, I'm seeing very different results on the multicopter, and am yet to figure out why:

  • Hi Rob,

    I have been where you are now and have tried/tested alot antennas. It is a good idea to stay with 5.8 video down link. There are two suggestion I have found to improved both quality and rang. The Uno or Gogles with nexwave chip set will make a  big difference with your range. Mine about doubled when I upgraded to Uno. To improve quality and range I found a Helical 5 turn made a biggest difference. I  also like the crosshair antenna if you are going to stay with goggle rx.

    I made my 5 turn helical antenna out of 3/16 copper tubing and like this paired with Uno vRx and spironet antenna on vTx. I just did a range test and flew out 1 mile (1600 meters) clear line of sight with amazing good video. General speaking the higher the antenna the better. My uno is mounted in my ground station sitting on a table only 4 feet off the ground when I fly.  I fly a FW 450 with stock DJI and iOSD mini and same video setup you have.

    Here is a link if you want to buy a good helical:

    Good Luck!

  • A variety of options to your queries here. This is what you are looking for:
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