I am looking for support for the jDrones IO Module and jDrones Optical Flow sensor and slightly let down that this forum provides little help.  Is there anyone who is using either of these addons?  Is there a better site for support?

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  • Randy Mackay
    2:25 AM (4 hours ago)
    to me
    I think it was working kinda in 2.9.1b which is still the official "stable" version of the code so it makes sense to leave it there for those users.  I suspect optical flow support will be back and much better than before in 3.1 (but not 3.0.1) although that might take 3 months

  • Developer

    William, there are no any operational differences on jD made vs 3DR made OpticalFlow sensors. Main differences are only on connector that is on edge. We organized is for easier use and added EM406 style connector to the board so you don't need to solder pins/cables on board but just use ready made connector on it. 

    Pin order difference is clearly marked on bottom of OpticalFlow PCB. Only thing that has changed is location of 3V, 5V and GND. On DIYD made it's GND, 5V, 3V and jDrones made it's 3V, GND, 5V as then there are no gap between cables and cable will be stronger.  EM406 style connector follows exact cable order as with edge connector. 


  • Randy Mackay
    Jun 19 (2 days ago)
    to me
         I'm not sure.  I've heard some reports that there's an initialization problem.  There's a bit of a shortage of optical flow sensors so it's a bit of a challenge sorting it out.  To be honest, the integration of the optical flow sensor into arducopter isn't ideal.  I think until we mix the optical flow sensor output into the inertial-nav+gps position estimate it's better without it.
  • I hoped my message would not have raised some of the comments but it did, I am sorry, and I will ignore all needless replies that offer no help in an effort to make the thread helpful to others.


    In the beginning of June I asked about jDrones Optical Flow Sensor v1.1.  V1.1 is a different PCB and pinouts, all the wiki pages, google, pages, 3Drobotics AND jDrones all discuss V1.0.  No reply to wiring question.  Then I thought I would ask a more even basic question - Is anyone using the jDrones Optical Flow sensor with APM 2.5 with the newer releases. No reply.  Ok l figured I would try - Is jDrones Optical Flow sensor v1.1 supported in APM2.5 with the newer bête releases?  No reply.  I did connect the V1.1 to my APM2.5 matching the signal names on the OF PCB to the signal names on the APM2.5.  I had a power LED but had no values or changing values when performing TERMINAL TEST so I have researched, scratched my head, tried my best, searched all over the internet and can find nothing about anyone using the OF sensor, v1.1 with current software.  I purchased a second OF and it came with a slightly different PCB and a DF13 cable with tinned leads on the other end.  I hate to ask where they go?


    I also have a jDrones IOBoard and asked for help and received little but never an answer or a discussion on the IOBoard.  I want to run LED lights and thought the path to do so was using the IOBoard.  There is a GUI for Windows using a FTDI to USB cable.  It seems to connect but it never seems to write the configuration.  There is little to no help anywhere about wiring to a PC.  While this GUI could be a great interface it only programs for the REAR LEDS, what about the others??  There is some sample code with the IOBoard to program different sequences but these sequences don't seem to be controlled by anything whereas the GUI  version on based on Flight Mode.  If it is an IO Board how does one control the various Inputs and Outputs?  Might be nice if there was a utility or something built into Flight Planner.


    I completely understand open forums but helpful posts only make the forums better.  One might wonder if the jDrones problems are due to 3DRobotics vs. jDrones?  Mission Planner allows for the OF but does the APM software?


    I hope I have shown that I have researched these two items, asked some basic questions, and tried to be polite.  I would certainly hold off on anyone purchasing these two items until there is some kind of support.  jDrones seems to not care about support either since they completely fail to respond to questions or purchase requests.  Try and buy white LEDs with the wire and heat shrink.  Try and two - two segment LEDS, both with wires and heatshrink - you get one four segment LED with wire and heatshrink.  I like being involved in the hobby but support from vendors is not so good, forums have interesting threads but none are comprehensive.


    Hope things get better and once I find solutions I will be sure to respond post them.

  • No offense met; I know this is not a forum for debate but knowledge.

    To the person's question, I think it might be a genuine question for newbies and when they have purchased some stuff from their partner websites they certainly would like to have some help from forums ('support' as he may have called it, and some folks get offended).

    @William: You should explain more of what you 'really want to have'. Have a look at these links, if you have not already (including comments in that site at the end):

    1. (Setup)

    2. (Video)

    3. (Some good explanation)


  • Developer

    William, what types of support you need for those boards? There are already few software sets that you can upload to your IOBoard on Arducodes repository on Google code. And we are looking to have more help on developing softwares for those. 

  • Having read the respective wikis what specific problem do you find has not been addressed?

    You will get better results posting specific questions.

    Or are you just dissatisfied that these products are not plug and play?
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