SRO parameters in mission planner for pixhawk

I am building a Tarot 650 quad with pixhawk. I am using the teensy 3.1 and cannot find any SRO perimeter settings to insure all the data is working. I have looked at the Taranis screen and it appears to be getting a lot of the information yet I'm not sure if I need to change SRO like I have in the past with an APM and version 3.2?

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  • Paul does this mean that the SR1 and SR2 parameters should be changed to the same values which we used on the APM?
    • David, I have no knowledge of the old APM boards, only pixhawk. What you need to understand is that you only need to change the Sr values specific to the serial port you are connecting your device to. So if you are connecting a Teensy device to Telem2, then amend the values of SR2_ so they meet the requirements of the Teensy application. If you are using the clooney82 code on your teensy then you should check the settings detailed in the wiki here:

      In the perfect world though, given that the Teensy has a Tx cable going to the Rx on the pixhawk we should not have to set any of the SR_ parameters as the Teensy code should set those over the wire. Doesn't always work though hence the manual config.
    • Thanks for that Paul...

      I guess my question is whether the default settings for Copter 3.3.1 will enable telemetry from both Telem port 1 for the 3DR radio, and from Telem port 2 for the MinimOSD.

      I have set both to the settings described on the MinimOSD Extra site at present, which works for the Minim, but the 3DR doesn't read.

    • David,

      I just started with default values and my 3DR radio auto-configured the SR0_/SR1_ parameters. Under Arducopter 3.2.1 there was an issue with auto-config for SR2_ parameters to my knowledge, but I think this may have be fixed in 3.3 so you should be able to start with default parameters for both Telem ports and your devices (as long as the device Tx is connected to the pixhawk telem port Rx) should talk to the pixhawk and configure the parameters as they require. The problem comes when you connect two devices to the same Telem port - in this case only one of the two devices can have its Tx connected so only this device can instruct the Pixhawk as to what SRx_ values should be set, and these parameters might not be perfect for the second device. This is not an issue if you keep your devices connected to their own dedicated serial ports though. I now have 3DR radio on Telem1 Teensy on Telem2 and PlayUAV OSD on Serial4/5. Note that the latter interestingly enough works perfectly, despite the SR4_ parameters not being made available for configuration in Mission Planner, but the PlayUAV OSD device seems to talk to the Pixhawk just fine to configure the required telemetry stream frequencies without any manual configuration being necessary, I presume therefore that the MinimOSD should do the same.

  • SR0_ parameters on a Pixhawk are for the USB port. SR1_ is Telem 1 and SR2_ are for the Telem 2 port. I would suggest using the Telem 2 port for the teensy so amend the SR2_ parameters.

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