Strange Motor Action

Hello Friends,
I am having a strange thing happen here.
I have been flying my APM 2.6 for about 6 months on various frames. It works great. The last month or so I have been flying V3.2R10 It worked great.
I mounted the APM on an F450 frame and put 3.2 on it and calibrated everything. The motors and ESC’s and the frame have been used before and work well. Everything looks good. When I calibrate the ESC’s the motors spool up smoothly. When I arm it the motors jerk and make a clicking or popping sound and it wants to go to the left. I have swapped the motors. It will fly this way but not smoothly. I have reinstalled the firmware several times and reset to defaults and calibrated but no go. While it’s jerking around I can stop and calibrate the ESC’s and they spool up smoothly but not after I arm. I am hoping someone an idea of what this may be.

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