Suggesting a new altitude/height mode

New Altitude control mode for ArduCopter.

Suggestions by Tomas Soedergren

In the current Altitude hold mode available on the AC (when writing this I refer to FW 2.0.55), sonar sensor activated, there are scenarios where the copter response on sonar signal will not be optimal for the flight mission at hand. These mission could probably be carried out well by just disabling the sonar feature, but it would be even better to have sonar engaged and to program some intelligence into the algorithm. Pleas read this PDF (about one and a half page) where I describe the current shortcomings and suggestions for improvements.

It is a half-baked idea. It certainly needs scrutinizing and refinement from you, the community.

Let me know what you think.

/ Tomas

New Altitude control mode for ArduCopter.pdf

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  • The proper sensor for doing this is a differential GPS.

    The next best will be the new barometric sensor on the new APM 2.0 boards.

    The other problem is how do you seperate a vertical wind gust (downdraft/thermal) and a object or cliff passing underneath?

    The signal presented to the copter is the same, in one case its climbing/descending and the other its not.

  • I support this idea.  Not quite sure how to do it, but I like the idea.


    Are you suggesting something that would be activated by Ch. 7?  Or the operator would have to make the choice before mission and flip a setting in Mission Planner or do a new compile/upload?

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