System Identification of quadrotor


Has anyone used the system identification toolbox to model a quadcopter? I would like to generate a model using system identification, either using black box modeling or grey box modeling. 

I can utilize some suggestions to get started.

Thank you very much! :)

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  • Kate,

    i have been investigating this issue and am currently working on an USB based flight data recorder in order to get data. The problem is that you have to identify the platform including the control system if you want to do it in flight. Alternatively you could try open loop experiments by fixing the quad to isolate a single axis. In the first approach the problem is that there is no guarantee that the data you get from the sensors is sampled in equidistant time intervals and that the information from the various sensors match. You will need to run the quad using your own code based on assembly which means rewriting APM software. the second approach yields results quickly but leaves out interaction between the various degrees of freedom. Which approach are you considering? 


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