Takeoff weight???

I just weighed my quad copter today and man it sure is heavy I don't think I have a lot of unnecessary weight on it that just seems heavy too me , I do run a rather large 4500 may battery but other than that nothing unnecessary…. I'm trying to get it set up for fpv and I haven't even added my fpv gear other than the GoPro , what kind of takeoff weight should I expect with a flame wheel 450 style setup running fpv? What does you Copter weight ????

Takeoff weight 1394 grams…..;/

Current Quadcopter setup

  • Hobbyking q450 frame
  • APM 2.5
  • APM power module
  • 4500 Mah Zippy Compact Lipo
  • Q-brain 25 amp esc
  • Turnigy multistar 2213 -935 kv motors
  • 10x4.5 props
  • GoPro hero 3 Black
  • Turnigy 9x RX
  • 3dr telemetry radio
  • 4 - 5" led strips 
  • tiny 2$ voltage/cell monitor
  • 2 status led's
  • u blox neo 6 GPS

I'm really interested in the takeoff weight of similar setups please post your rigs takeoff weight!! with gear list!!






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  • My closest is a tbs disco + core with APM2.5 and immersionrc video. With gopro and 4s 4500mah is 1.68kg. Posted about it on here (search for "compassmot 0%).

    Pic from flying this weekend :)


  • Did you run your design through ecalc.ch? I think you've got a good power system design, although I don't see your specific motor on the site. While ecalc is known to be pessimistic when it comes to its calculations, especially with battery endurance, it makes a very good starting point for designing a power system.

    I'm in the middle of designing a similar quad, and the maths say it will come in weighing just a few grams more than yours, I'm specifying Turnigy SK3-2830-1020 motors, which have a design maximum power rating of 164 watts. Your Multistar motors have a maximum power rating of 165 watts according to the spec sheet, so it's "close enough for government work". Using a 3300mAh 20C battery, ecalc says I should be able to hover at 46% throttle, and I'll have just under 10 minutes of hover endurance. I don't see why you can't beat that endurance on a 4500mAh battery. The only thing I'd be cautious of is making sure you don't exceed the maximum power for the motors, which is a possibility with the larger batteries and discharge capacities.

    --73 de N5ILN

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