The Need for Speed or Not

I was practicing and testing my 3DR quad on the weekend and I noticed I reach a speed over 5 m/s which is about 12 mph. I was going at a good clip especially from my ground level view. :)

I understand speed has many variables such as motors, weight, battery etc but I was wondering if a quad as an example has limits. Has anyone pushed the envelope and what speeds have you achieved safely?

Do planes nornally travel at faster speeds?


Arducopter races...that would be fun!




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  • Fastest my X Quad has gone is around 60 km/h - but only with three motors and mainly due to gravity. Actually, entirely due to gravity.

  • Thanks for the video, I will check it out.
    80 km/hr is fast. Wonder what the fastest speed a quad has obtained?
    Faster with a hex or octo?
  • I think there's an option in the APM firmware parameters to set the max speed, and I think it's set to 5m/s by default. Is that only for Auto mode? I don't have the info in front of me.

  • Quads can get up around 80km/h when really moving. Have a look at some of the TDB FPV racing. They do some decent speeds (around obstacles too!)

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