Throttle help!

I have a tricopter setup and after the maiden flight I noticed it doesn't seem to climb out very well. I know I'm not overweight or underpowered , when I calibrate the ESC's and after calibration before restarting the APM hold the copter in my hand and run the throttle up it has ALOT of thrust, after I reboot the APM and arm the copter i can hold it ion my hand and run the throttle up and it has maybe 2/3 the power as before …. where am I loosing this throttle ?? 

I'm running 30 amp RCtimer OPTO sec's 

also on a side note after the second time I ran calibration my motors no longer spin slowly after arming ….also I'm running a Turnigy 9x transmitter and I have to have the throttle reversed for it to work correctly…. is that normal….

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  • I really need help with this guys !!
    • From what I've been reading on the forums, it seems the OPTO's are not a good fit for the APM as they can't be calibrated. Check this thread out, you may be able to change the range on the APM to fit the Opto's, not sure though.

      You also might try this, but I"m not sure it works with the Opto's -

    • sweet I will try this! Thanks!

    • to no must be the opto esc's

  • Thanks for all of your replies! I would have to completely disassemble my quad copter to install the q-brain in my tri copter , I just can't figure out where the throttle is going once the apm has control of the esc. I get a solid and smooth operation from bottom of stick to top of stick when I bypass the apm, as if I was using the motor for a plane just rx to esc then motor , if I'm at full throttle and move the stick down slightly I can tell the drop in rpm ... But with the apm connected I feel like there is a limit when I get at about 90% stick travel it seems to stop and if I pull back on the stick I feel no change in rpm until I reach that 90% mark on the stick aosy as of there is some sort of cushion in the software .... But I feel like I'm loosing that 10% of throttle it just doesn't seem to get full rpm when I'm using the flight controller..
  • Turnigy 9x transmitter and I have to have the throttle reversed for it to work correctly…. is that normal"


  • are you doing this in stabilize mode or in alt hold/ loiter ? 

    • stabilize mode , I had this apm in a quad copter before and I was also using a q-grain 4 in 1 esc I didn't experience any problems climbing out with the quad same motors and props.

    • you might trouble-shoot and use the q-brain to see if the new esc's are the problem. i use the q-brain setup on both my tricopters.

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