Throttle mid/hover.

In mission planner it tells me that my throttle hover is 649 or 64.9%. So am I right in assuming I need to set my mid throttle at the same 649?

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  • What they said...^^^^^ Clifton and Doug!!!

  • Jason, 

    Clifton nailed it.  You don't need a radio to download the data logs, in fact it only works using the USB cable connection to mavlink.  Follow the directions in the link above and you should be able to download the log no problem.  Then attach it here so we all can have a look.


  • Jason Greening said:

    What is I used an older firmware prior 3.2, would it work then?
    Why are you so bent on using terminal to download log files?  Every thing you need to do can be done without it and downloading logs using MavLink over USB (which would already be connected) takes a couple of mouse clicks..
  • A good scale is invaluable....  If you don't know the true take off weight it makes things difficult for sure... More weight certainly would cause this issue the same as a smaller prop by accident... If your able to see current draw then just check and see if WOT draws around 63 amps ish... That should be max draw based on the voltage and kv your running... Hover should be 16.7 ish...  If those things are happening (the draw numbers) then everything is working correctly and your just to heavy.  Walmart sells some scales (USPS scale does up to 5lbs more accurately...) that are accurate to .2 pounds... You can get a fairly accurate weight by weighing yourself with and without the model... Crude and not perfect but gets you close enough to know what to expect performance wise...


  • What is I used an older firmware prior 3.2, would it work then?
  • That's because you are using an APM.  The CLI was removed to make room for better code...

  • I will post one for sure. I am just waiting to pick up my antenna from DHL. I'm running version 3.2 on mission planner. So I can only get data logs though mavlink. I can't get it to work in the terminal. I connect in terminal, it says com port open, then just starts spewing a buck of stuff nonstop.
  • Jason, What is the hover current?  For a copter of your size and weight I would not expect it to be more than 12-13 amps with a 3S battery.  If you are hovering at just over 50% with the weight of a 5000mah battery on a 450 frame, then you are in the ball park and should go with it.  So again, I would expect 12-13 amps hover current and up to 20 minutes hover time on a 5000 battery.

    I'd still like to see a hover data log if you can get one posted.


  • Hello again. I took the "little girl" out again today "Walter", lol! Well, my problem is weight I think, flew with the 5000mah 30c with hover just over half throttle, same problem. Them said to hell with it and threw on 2 1300mah 15c in parallel and had hover at just under half throttle, way better.
  • So just a little update. My props are definitely 1045's, my battery is kicking all three cells top notch,full charge at 12.6, balanced. Recalibrated my tx to mp, and escs and motors again twice. Did notice they were out when I went to redo them. I have a second flight mode with motors spin on arm at 5% throttle, and one motor didn't spin, but fine after that. SOOOOO, my new telemetry antennas are at loomis, gunna go grab them and try her out again this weekend. Shall let you know tomorrow. Oh yeah and hopefully a new tablet as well.
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