Throttle Rate P value way off

Hello all,

3DR RTF quad, firmware 3.1.5, 880k motors, AC 2.6, payload usually just a go-pro.

Ran a couple of logs through droneshare, just because, and it flagged my THR_RATE_P value as outside norms.  It shows as 0.6 when it should be between 1.0 and 8.0 default 6.0

I don't think I ever changed this.

If I understand, this is used in AUTO, ALT HOLD, and LOITER to set the rate at which throttle inputs are made to correct altitude excursions?

Flew this morning in calm conditions and those modes seemed to work just fine. AUTO modes on previous flight with some wind seemed to work ok, but got some drifting in ALT, although that may have been me holding too much throttle.

Should I change this parameter?  Would it be more aggressive in gusty conditions?

Here's a picture of it loitering quite nicely. ;-)

And a log file, everything was fine except for a spurious batt failsafe (not worried about that, I have it set pretty aggressively on purpose)


2014-06-07 07-47-04.log

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