• First of all,Thx a lot for your replies.
    The problem is that I use for changing modes a 3pos rotary switch on channel 6 mixed with 2pos switch on channel 5. So sometimes changing from a mode to another needs to pass through other modes which may lead to a copter crazy beahvior. But as u said i should take care and pay attention and maybe it is a hint for firmware developpers to add this feature to their codes if they find it useful.
    • That will be fine.  Almost everyone has rotary or 3-position toggle switch to flip between multiple flight modes.  Many also have the second switch to get 6 modes (me too).  So passing through a few modes to get to another one is very normal.  Your switch flipping is faster than the copter will react to the change.

      The important thing is, like I said, is for both you and the your controller to be ready to pilot the aircraft in the mode you're selecting.

    • Thx pedals2paddles :) , this was exactly my question about.
  • Nope, it is immediate.  Where you need to use caution is changing from an auto-throttle mode to a non auto-throttle mode.  For example:

    You're cruising around or hovering in loiter mode.  You have the throttle stick centered, which tells Arducopter to hold altitude.  You switch modes to stabilize, which turns off automatic throttle.  You are now at 50% throttle.  Depending on your power and weight, the aircraft may climb or descend.  Whatever it usually does when you have the stick around half.  You must be ready and able to take over altitude and throttle control when switching out of an auto throttle mode.

    Also be attentive to the wind.  You could have it in loiter and it will hold itself against the wind nicely.  You switch it out of loiter and it will start drifting at whatever the wind speed is.  So again, just be ready to appropriate control the aircraft.  There is no lag or delay.  Only pilot errors :)

  • Hello Baligh,

    from my experience switching modes works fine, I see no time gap with unexpected behavior.

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