Tri-copter scrach build

So I decided to build a Tri-copter based on David Windestål's of Flitetest design, I decided to build the entire project from scratch using materials I had lying around. My main goal was to have a stable video platform with a low "All-up" weight and longest possible flight times. the frame plates are made fom 1'8" lexan,


I don't own a fancy CNC cutter or even a scroll saw so I cut everything entirely with a diamond cutting wheel and a rotory cutting tool. I sanded the lexan to a "Frosted" finish, I also sanded all of the edges smooth , I used m3x20mm screws for the main frame plates and m3x6mm screws to attatch the vibration isolators "1.2 mm piano wire" to the camera/battery tray, At first I was planning on cutting out the camera/battery tray from the plans that Flitetest and David provided but soon figured out I'm just not that good with a dremel so instead of sandwitching the ends of the music wire between wooden plates I just shaped the ends of the wire into little loops and screwed them onto the tray and the bottom of the airframe.

3691086614?profile=original I used locktite and lock washers where they would fit to keep everything good and tight. I had to add a little rib made from 1'8" plywood to the bottom of the tray to stiffen it up a bit , a groove and some hot glue took care of this nicely. I heated the Lexan with a heat gun and bent the camera tray to a slight angle , and added a strip of neoprene "mouse pad" to the tray to act as a grip and a sort of extra vibration dampening.3691086527?profile=original

I made some landing struts from extra Lexan I plan to "skeletonize" it as soon as I get some small hole saws in order to shave off a little more weight.3691086631?profile=original

Overall I'm happy with the outcome I will be adding all of my electronics and flight control as soon as all of the parts arrive, Ugh hate waiting for parts from china! I will be making a Final build article along with a maiden video and fpv sample video. Im exited to see if I can get stable and "jello" free video with this platform im hoping the Lexan will prove to be crash resistent. Here is a couple more photos of the finished frame, LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS THINK!

Frame weight: 258grams3691086544?profile=original3691086697?profile=original


no cnc cutters were harmed in the creation of this frame, unfortunatley 2 cutoff wheels were lost......

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  • Thanks for the compliments guys!! I made a few revisions today, Skeletonized the landing gear, added retaining clips to the front booms they are weak enough to break away in the event of a crash, I also added a top plate to cover the FC and RX,


  • Nice Work.  I also built his copter.  Aside from the frame plates he sells, I hand crafted the camera vibration mount out of carbon fiber and a dremel(Pain in the ass)  If I crash beyond recognition I will use your method.

  • Very nice work! I have a David Tricopter too and love it. I still have the old silicone tubing vibration isolation setup, and need to build a piano wire one like yours. I really like the simple method of screwing in the wires, David's method looks too difficult.
    I recommend you find a way to get the front legs from catching in the grass when sliding. Your legs are too sharp. I have ping pong balls on mine, looks like hell but works great. I'm sure you'll find a more elegant solution than that.
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