Tricopter build issues

I just built a Tri copter and everything is working but It starts to oscillate very badly while hovering like a see saw back and fourth on the roll axis I think its a gain setting but I am not sure which gain...

running ac 3.1

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  • in my case it was a bad tail servo.  since in tricopter yaw change also (slightly) affects the roll, very precise tail servo is needed. My servo gone bad after couple of month of flying under KK2 fc or while I was swapping it for apm, since I was moving my tri around and could have damaged the servo manually during that time. anyways, after certain high speed aggressive yaw maneuvers the copter would start roll oscillating like crazy the only way to save the copter at that point was to kill the throttle and raise it up gently over the course of the fall and hope that you have enough alt to actually level it and slow the fall in the very end. trying to manually compensate for those jerky roll bounces didn't work at all. after I changed the tail servo for a new one no oscillation what so ever on stock settings, rce tri, arm length 350mm  11x47 props and stock push esc firmware. 

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    A random guess is that it's the Rate Roll P that is too high.

  • maybe more of a wobble ......I am also using the counter rotating option....


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