I have ordered a quadcopter frame and electronics from Hobby King and it arrived and is now all connected and built. When I power up the throttle Motor 1 spinns but none of the others do. as I continue up the others join in and cut out. I have watched some You tube videos and I can see that This is not normal.

Also when I attach props motors pulse.

I am very stuck.

Help much appreciated.

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  • Ditto on the calibration.  Calibrate each indviual ESC.  It will save you a lot of headaches down the road.  Also make sure you observe that the motors rotate the following way:


    If you are in a "X" configuration (The front of the airframe is between two arms) two motors will be turning counter clockwise and two will be turning clockwise.  (See the graphics in the online manual)  Make sure you install your props according to the direction they will be spinning.  Also, make sure you have your joystick controls setup properly in the CONFIGURATION tab.  My SPEKTRUM radio needed the settings in CONFIGURATION set to REVERSE for all joystick movements except for THROTTLE.  Yours may be different so when you have all the motors turning at the same time and same speed and you have props attached, pull back on the right stick (I assume you are setup for MODE 2 on your R/C Radio which in the US is:  (throttle & Yaw on the left joystick and Forward/Back & Left/Right on the right hand joystick).  While holding the quad down on the floor or table, arm the motors and go to an idle speed and lift back on the right joystick,  The FRONT of the quad should try to rise and when you push forward on the right joystick the back of the quad should try and rise.  When you push the right joystick to the left the right side of the quad should try and rise and likewise when the joystick is pushed to the right the left side of the quad should try and rise.  If you get the opposite affect, you need to go into CONFIGURATION and put a check mark in the REVERSE box for each of the functions that are operating in reverse.  All of this information is listed in the online manuals.

    Good luck


  • Yes did you calibrate you ESC's?  Make sure of course the props are off (I learned that the hard way) and after you complete the second step (plug it back in with throttle all the way up, and then bring it down to 0) make sure they all the ESC's beep at the same time,and after that you can raise the throttle and they (the motors) all come on and spin.

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    Have you calibrated your ESCs?

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