'uBlox 6M GPS Module V2' and APM 2.5.2.....WTF!!!

Does anyone know wtf is up with this 'uBlox 6M GPS Module V2' that i just got from RTFquads? I just set this board up and i am trying to get this all going but for some reason it isn't being seen by the APM. I tried to upload the GPS passthru to the APM following Randy's youtube video but i couldn't get that to see it either?

Anyone know what these sequence of light are?

Really want to get this quad in the air asap but this seems to be what is stopping me. When i connect all i get is 'NO GPS'....

Any help is totally appreciated. THANKS!!

this is the gps:

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  • @Rob Dunbar

    I have one but i have move to Portland, OR and everything i have including that FTDI cable is in storage. So i am trying to make do with what i have here and everything is almost there (i think).... just this GPS is the problem.

  • Have to ask, but have you been outside for the link test. Only asking cause the video looks like it was shot indoors. I have had the same problem and it was when I was inside  and hooked to APM.

    • Admin


      During a GPS warm start I can get a minimum of 5 sats indoors and after 10 minutes I can usually get 7 - 8 with a uBlox LEA-6H.


      TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

    • Make absolutely sure that your cable connections are correct. Then try to use Ucenter to set the configuration back to defaults. If that is successful load the 3DR script. Brought mine back to life.

    • Second that. And after you think it's configured correctly, double check by refreshing. I found mine did not take the first couple of times.

  • There site says its setup for multiwii and since its not from 3DR who know's.  

  • 'No GPS' in MP just means it can't get a satellite lock -- you may need to find a higher floor or head outside.

    APM board LED explanation is here.

    • you mean 'no fix'??!!!  this says 'No GPS'

    • Right.  My bad.

    • The GPS is brand new... and i have not changed a thing. Just plugged it in...such a bummer as i have been waiting for parts from everywhere building this quad and everything is ready go ...execpt this little bugger. Someone must know the fix for this!

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