Ublox lea-6h no GPS lock


i bought the ardumega 2.5 + and the ublox gps together from 3drobotics.

The GPS will not lock onto any satellites. I am powering both right now over USB from my laptop. I am outdoors in a clear sky. I ran the CLI gps test. it says the ublox is OK and then keeps returning lat long of 0 and an altidude of -17 metres.

Am i doing something wrong or have i got a defective unit?



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  • A cold start to full fix (inlcuding having the entire almanac) should take no more than 14 minutes. I doubt that it is a problem with insufficient power, but you could try this by powering them from a USB hub that has an external power supply.

    One more question: Are you sure you aren't underwater here: https://maps.google.co.za/maps?q=0N+0E&hl=en&ll=-0.241699,0...

    It does sound like a dud. Contact 3DR's technical line, and they will tell you what to do to return it.

  • 3D Robotics

    If you've given it more than three minutes to lock, it should have got lock. Has the LED gone solid on the uBlox? (That signifies lock and it should be reflected in the Mission Planner). 

    If it won't lock, it may be defective. Contact customer support at help@3drobotics.com

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