Use of simple mode to obtain full pan freedom for camera



I have been reading about the simple mode with great interest. I wonder how I could use it in order to obtain full pan control on my octocopter ( I would like to control the octo in simple mode, while a camera guy controls pan/tilt of the camera on another radio (using student cable). This way the camera operator can pan tilt as he likes while I fly the octo on compass only. A more interesting application would be to combine simple mode with auto. This way the octo could be set up for a fixed, planned, pattern and the camera operator could point the cam wherever he likes along this route. The pilot then would only be a safety pilot. Is this possible? Can I combine simple mode and auto mode in such a way that the yaw-axis will be independent of flight direction, just as when combining simple mode an stabilize mode?



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  • Developer

    Mike, PF,

        The 2nd request re being able to point the camera while travelling between waypoints has also been requested by our head tester, Marco so it's high on my list.  I'll add it in at some point in the next couple of months...maybe it'll be in 2.9..note quite sure yet!

  • I would like to second this request, as I have already been looking for a way to do this with the current setup.

    Is there a way to fly auto without the copter pointing to the next waypoint?

    Will Simple Mode work in Auto?

    Any pointers on where we might look to achieve this from more experienced users would be really appreciated.

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