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I'm flying a 3DR Hexa with a Spektrum DX7s radio, and all is going great (Lot's of successful flights, some decent loiter in pretty high wind....)   I'm interested in triggering an extra servo onboard the Hexa using the radio, but I can't seem to figure out how to do it.  From everything I gather, there's at least one available extra channel, but I'm unclear how to access it using the DX7s.  the radio has so many switches and toggles, can one of them trigger a servo? Anyone have experience with this?   Thx.


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  • I have the same radio (and not much experience with it) and found that most of the additional switches aren't used by default, other than:

    Chan 5: Gear - 2 way - top, left.

    Chan 6: Flaps - 3 way - top, left

    Chan 7: AUX2 Pot. 

    Why not use the AUX?2 That'll give you full control over the servo. You can reprogram the radio to assign different switches to the different channels (See Switch Select on Page 11 of the manual). I think to be able to use all switches, you have to buy some additional modules.

    I have the 3 way flaps switch connected to radio 5 of the APM (Flight Mode selection) and the 2-way gear to radio 6 (Nothing yet, but will use for additional flight modes). The AUX2 Pot is not controlling anything, but I will use it for camera tilt.

  • Just connect it directly to the receiver and apply some available switch on your radio to that channel.
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