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    You set this under full parameter under frame type. The setting is 10.
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    You can use the regular Y6 firmware.  There's a FRAME setting that you can set from the mission planner that'll take care of the difference between regular Y6 and Y6B.  It's the same screen that allows quad users to select between a "plus" or "x" quad frame.

    • Is it normal than, that I had to reverse my pitch on the radio?

      when calibrating on MP i see the pitch green bar going DOWN, the I push the stick forward and viceversa.

      It flies correctly, but probably is still thinking i have a tail with CCW on top?

      note: i'm using a Futaba t8j. 

  • Does anyone know if the inputs stay switched after the flight modes are set?
    • do you use firmare 3.15 for y6 or tricopter? i;m confused 

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