could you tell me who is personally, legally accountable in case of drone crash case reported to law enforcement officers, FAA due to known bugs, flaws in Pixhawk flight controller ?

I have followed tens of discussions on this and other forums and questions asked by hobbyists are responded by hobbyists either.

There is no interest on the side of Pixhawk developer/s  from Switzerland

to take active part in such discussions.

The last discussion at DIYDrones

and history from


are good examples how hobbyists try to response to problems asked by hobbyists and just fail, since such questions should be responded by genuine

developer/s of Pixhawk originating from the Switzerland.

GPS is used...

No GPS isn't used...

I am surprised to learn GPS is used..

I have been surprised ..

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    • Again, you seem to have all the answers, so why ask the question?
    • I think you don't have a clue or a snow ball's chance.  What you are talking about is equivalent to the US Navy's SubSafe Program, and after reading through some of your previous posts it is obvious to me that you do not have the technical knowledge to pull this off.

      Secondly, NO ONE is going to pay you to "certify" something that does not require any formal governmental certification. 

      To use a colloquialism that is popular with raccoon hunters, "Sorry to say, but that dog just don't hunt..."


      The Submarine Safety Program (SUBSAFE), is a quality assurance program of the United States Navy designed to maintain the safety of its submarine fle…
    • First of all, Pixhawk is NOT a software its the name that was given to the flight controller, you tool...

      Second of all, the developers have gone through extreme measures to ensure, the firmware you upload to the Pixhawk is safe to use and won't cause any issues. 

      Third of all, its your responsibility to ensure your drone has been setup correctly, failure to do so can lead to crashes and you SHOULD NOT be holding the developers accountable for, because of your stupidity and ignorance to adhere to procedures.

      I've been in this hobby for years and I fully understand the risks associated with this hobby. If my plane/drone crashes, that's because I did something wrong, and I must accept the mistake and learn from it.

      Last but not least, blaming someone else (developers) for your stupidity and lack of knowledge on the subject is a recipe for disaster. I'd encourage you to do some researching and reading, it helps...

    • 3702809961?profile=originalReposting this pic from fsnoop just because:

      -  I can

      -  It cracked me up

      - It's even funnier than  "Pixhawk developers are legally accountable for bugs, flaws in code, algorithmics, avionics data processing", no small feat!

      -  It sums it up

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