Why NAZA work without PIDS tuning and APM not?


All my friends that flying NAZA asking me why i did not buy DJI NAZA as it work from the box.... I build my F450  based on APM 2.6 and still tuning it... Well it still fly like a boat on the sea.. Lots of oscillation etc. My friends have NAZA and they flying without problem :( What is so special with NAZA that APM don't have? I can't make an autotune because i use dx6i so do not know how to setup to make a channel for it... The worst thing is that they have less knowledge and experience then me in RC (i fly helis 600 and 450 size) and they are flying the quads with DJI NAZA and my quad is unflyable because those PIDs thing... WHY NAZA is ready to fly?? 

My setup, logs and video how it wooble...


F450 frame


DJI 2212 Motors with 10x38 props

3DR APM2.6 with external compass

3S 2200 40C Lipo

Spectrum dx6i TX with AR6210 with sattelite reciver.

3DR Power Module for APM

I use arducopter 3.1.2 firmware




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    • I will try that, thank You for the TIP.

    • I will try that what  You suggest. I did not connect the Gear channel from my receiver as it Was in copter manual... The 7 and 8 channel was as optional... 

    • I hard mount my Pixhawk
      You shouldn't need to do all the vibration dampening. A Beastx from a programming perspective is NOT comparable. It is so different I cannot even begin to write the differences .
  • Ok Thomas you really should read up more in the arducopter manual and do a search for settings on here for your F450 it should be easy to setup, that 450 has been done so many times its beat to death.  As for naza let me tell you they all aren't plug and play. You can get away with Naza setup stock on a DJI specific copter pretty easy but I assure you that you will be doing a little tuning to get it how you like it.  That being said, I have a close to 1000mm Heavy Lift Y6 with Naza on it.  First Naza for me as I have always stuck with the 3DR gear. Anyhow I just wanted to try it and boy oh boy I spend a good 10 days tweaking on the software to get it first flying correct and then fine tuned to my type of use. The manual from Naza is terrible in my opinion.  So when it all comes out in the wash Naza is good, APM is good too.  Naza for most commercial available machines is easier to setup most of the time but don't fault the APM now because there is now a library of copters that you can essentially match up what you have and plug in the PID's and fly now.  And yes you will still tweak on both.

    Most mistakes are user errors. I have done them myself so just make sure you Slow Down and take one thing at a time. If you don't have the answer or knowledge post it on a forum or do a web search but just wait cause even though some of this Chinese knock off stuff is cheap its still coming out of your pocket book and stupid mistakes hurt.  Also I always have stuck with the Originators products yes a few bucks more but in the long run lots of less wasted time and you have some recourse. IE knock off APM gear... Just my opinion.

    • In all RC You can find difficulties... Flying helis You have to know a 16 directions (invert flying, tic tocs, back flips, front flips, side flips etc). In quads my trouble is those PIDS... I'm not lazy oh god... I buy Gopro camera for videos for the quad... I just want it will fly stabilize to make a video... Just saying that NAZA guys can fly without problem and i;m stuck on those PIDS... I'm not saying that APM is bad.. it just need more work i think.. :(

    • John is correct I did the same thing. I for a long time seen a lot of hipe about the Naza so I thought I would give it a try. I got the F330 kit, put it together by the less than desirable instructions and it was not what I expected it was not a good hoover like they say the Naza has. After 2 days messing with it (without PID adjustments) I removed the Naza and replaced it with my APM 2.5 set up a channel  for save trim and 10 minutes later rock solid hover. Like John said there are a lot of F450's out there with APM's on them that fly very well. I think you post on here what you have in the line of motors and escs and someone will put you in the ballpark real quick. Main thing I learned was not so much what I did but what I didn't do. Balance the props, isolate APM from vibes and it helps a lot. Data log is a great tool for finding problems. (Sorry Naza don't have it) Don't get discouraged it can be made to fly properly and these guys on this site can make it happen. You will not get that kind of help on a Naza site , I tried. I am sold on the APM and Pixhawk and this site.



    • Of course i read the wiki and manual (i don't want to loose my fingers :)) My quad is flying but it's have so many oscillation so it hard to control it.. I balance the props, and i check my vibrations with the manual.. they looks very good ( i use the kyoshe gel for vibrations). My friends flying with the customs frames and i use stock F450 with stock electronics.. They  can maek w flips etc. Most of them they have first RC model in they hands... My Align T-rex 600 sieze heli with Beastx FBL system is more stable then my quad :/ They all use NAZA and they flying well thats why it's so frustrating.. They even don't use any vibration compensation like i do... That's i'm starting to think to use NAZA then APM... ehhh.... 

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  • Most standard quads will fly with the default PID's
    I have set up numerous vehicles with APM/PIXHAWK
    I can achieve a Loiter better then DJI A2
    And PIXHAWK $200USD, DJI. $1100 plus
    Read the Wiki, if there is a mechanical issue including vibration it doesn't matter what unit you use. Post your Quad specs and PIDS and many can give you the values to enter . Read the documentation , it's straightforward. Good luck
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