xbee connection to the apm

We are currently testing the connection of the GCS and the Heli but we can't connect thru xbee communication. We could have the data and programming using the usb. Can anyone tell us whats wrong? We are using the xbee module suggested in the site of the arducopter. :|

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    Marianne, can you make your XBees to talk to each other with two computers?? Most problems occur when XBees are not configured properly.


    They need to be on 57600 Baud rates and you can test that easily with two computers/X-CTU program. Use that range test over there. Put both X-CTUs to 57600 speed and hit start on both, one as receiver and one as transmitter.


    If you get same character strings on both computers your xbees are ok. If not, check settings. When they are ok, you should not have any problems on connecting them to APM/GCS laptop.

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