Y6 stability and motor direction

We are experiencing some stability issues flying our Y6, it tends to yaw a little to the left. 

We made the frame ourselves and we are using 750kV motor with 14" x 4.7 props.

We used the APM2 as micro computer and we followed the motor arrangement from arducopter http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/APM2_Motor_order

As you can see from the pictures, the motors at the top of the left and right arms turn in the clockwise direction while the motor at the back turns anti-clockwise.



We read about some suggestion to place all 3 prop that are turning the same direction together on the same level. More importantly, the motors that turn anti-clockwise is alot hotter than the ones that are turning clockwise. Why is this so?



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  • Propeller assembly (photo 2) is absolutely correct.

    I think the rear cantilever is too short

    measure the motor carrier distance, he must be absolutely identical in all 3 measurements.

    calibrate your compass, lack of calibration can also be a cause.

    my Y 6 (in the photo at the top) with the APM 2.5 works absolutely great :)

    good luck and great flights, Klaus from Germany


  • Hi,

    you must follow the pictures in the wiki, yes it is correct to have those different direction up and bottom, as the motor mixing is designed to work with those directions.

    As for the motor heat, it is normal when the motor is designed to urn only ion one direction, when you make it turn the other way, cooling is not so efective.


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