Yaw, CompassMot question

Does compassmot afect the way a quadcopter lock yaw in stabilize? thanks in advance.

you can see if you watch this video closely what i'm talking about, the yaw doesnt lock very well and its a very calm day



can you help me understand this telemetry graph by myself?


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  • I have the same yaw issues...but my compassmot is 4% and my vibes are +\- 2 in a hover.
    I think you can see it in forward flight sections here: http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/strange-yawing-in-all-flight-modes. Yawning starts at around 1min 20 on the vid.
  • Developer


         Yes, compassmot affects your heading in all modes.  It looks like you're using the throttle based approach which doesn't work as well as the current based (which requires the use of a 3dr power module).  Also the interference seems quite large at 90% of the earth's magnetic field.  So as you ramp up the motors it's having a bad effect on the compass.  It's possible compassmot is able to compensate for this but still, that's out of tolerance (under 30% is best, 30% ~ 60% might be ok).  You should move the APM high up away from the power wires, etc.

         By the way, while your copter's Z axis vibrations are really low, the X and Y axis are huge.  I'm not sure what's causing it but I would be surprised if Loiter worked well.


    Your copter is a bit under powered hoving at 70% throttle.  I think you should switch to a 4S battery or get some bigger motors and ESCs (or remove some weight from the copter).


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