4 wheel steering

I currently have an APM2.5 with a LEA-6 GPS and a 6ch HK radio, my 3dr telemetry set is on the way.

I have a Crawler style frame http://www.redcatracing.com/Rockslide-Crawler-24_2 , it is 4 wheel drive with 4 wheel steering.  I have the autopilot up and running but I have not been able to use the back steering servo with the APM yet.  

Is it possible to setup 4 wheel steering with the existing code? Any help or advice will be appreciated.

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  • 4WS would add nice things like 

    sideways crab - where both wheel sets turn the same way

    tight turns - where both turn opposite for really tight turns

    regular turns - where just front OR back wheels turn and the other stays centered.

  • I haven't heard of it, but I'd like it as well, if I add steering to my 6WD. 

    Do you intend to add the remote base?  I'm trying to get mine working.  I do have the telemetry link working.

    Alan  KM6VV

  • you can use the Y cable to invert the steering signal for a complimentary servo, or get fancy and put an arduino uno or other micro controller in there between radio and servo to allow more detailed or adjustable command of the extra servo. 

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    You should be able to just put a servo reverser in line with the rear servo and use a Y splitter to run both front and rear servos off of the APM steering output. Probably not as good as having the code do it, but I doubt that we will get to coding a second servo anytime soon.


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

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