APM2 magnetometer in ArduRover 2.20

Not getting heading indication using Rover 2.20. Checked my board by loading ArduPlane 2.6 and got an indication.  Is there something I need to turn on in Rover, or anything else I might be missing?  Thanks, Tom

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  • I think I found a reliable solution to this and other problems I have experienced.  Got a Ublox GPS and so far I get almost instant GPS lock, indoors or out. That should preclude any issues with Rover requiring a GPS lock before magnetometer kicks in as commented earlier by Biz18434.  Of course for APM2.0 I will have to disable the onboard GPS in order to use the magnetometer but so far I am very impressed with the improved performance of the Ublox.  Tom

  • Comment by Jean-Louis Naudin on June 13, 2012 at 12:16pm Hello,
    I have just updated the APMrover 2.20 to 2.20a with a small tuning about obstacles avoidance with the Shap sensor. If the TRACE is ENABLED you will see in the planner message that the obstacle = 1 if the distance is less than the sonar_trigger distance. In the LEARNING mode (previously named STABILIZE mode) the wheel turns left when obstacle equal to 1. This is very helpful for the tuning and the mechanical setup of the Sharp sensor.
    Ps: you must have the GPF 3D fix to get the ground_course displayed and all things working properly
    Comment by u4eake on August 3, 2012 at 5:27pm Allright, I found why th mission planner ain't updating heading with ardurover if the gps doesn't have a fix.
    JLN put the code to calc compass heading inside the update_gps function and inside a if (g_gps->new_data && g_gps->fix) statement. So if the gps has no fix or no new data, then no compass heading is calculated either.
    I have removed the compass heading calc out of the if statement, so that it gets executed with every update_gps call and now my gps is responding crisp in mission planner, wether the gps had fix or not. The heading in mission planner is also MUCH more stable and precise, just like it is in arducopter.
    I hope this helps.

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