Ardu-Boat first trial run...

Hello everyone!

Just got back from the maiden voyage of my Ardu-Boat platofrm (APM 2.5) - and while the eventual end of the trial stemmed from a mechanical problem (gearbox wasn't great) - what I could test of the autopilot had miserable behavior.

I think this might stem from the rudder driven steering (rather than front left right wheels as on a car). When switched to auto mode after establishing "safe" waypoints, the boat would turn away from all the waypoints and head towards shore, driving an erratic, "wiggly" path. Any idea what might be causing this? Is there a setting I could adjust? 

Let me know if I need to provide any info that might help us troubleshoot this.

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  • try reversing the roll in mission planner;)

  • 2 problems I had when first testing a rover.

    1) I had the APM mounted right next to the motor, which messed up the compass readings.  

    2)"Wiggly" behavior.  I solved this by turning up the D parameter of the PID controls.

    Good luck.

  •  you might have better luck here

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