Can I reassign channels 7 and 8

I need to use channels 7 and 8 on my "Immersion R/C 8 channel" receiver to control two switches. Is it possible to change the default ch 7 and 8 functions on my pixhawk (Ardurover 2.91) to use ch 9 and 10  respectively?

As of now I have PPM (Immersion R/C CH1) to the Pixhawk. I have several switches plugged into the Immersion R/C channels 2 to 6, but also need channels 7 and 8. Is there any way to do this?

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  • Developer

    Currently mode switching is mapped to CH8 and the waypoint learning is mapped to CH7.  However, these are just the default settings and can be moved to any channel.  To do this change the following parameters

    LEARN_CH : 7 (default)
    MODE_CH : 8 (default)

    If you move them to CH9 and CH10 then your transmitter and receiver need to be able to send/receive on those channels.

    Hope that helps.  Let us know how you get on!

    Thanks, Grant

    • Ive made all those changes, checked all my RC10_* parameters and set everything up on my transmitter's ch 10, but switching modes does not work.
      I tested it on channels 6 to 8, and it worked. It seems like anything after ch 8 doesn't work. Is there a parameter im missing?
    • Developer

      You should try and graph the RC channel inputs - specifically RC10.  This way you can tell if your getting anything coming in on those channels. 

      If your using mission planner I'm not an expert.  Can you see rc channels beyond 8 in mission planner?

      Alternatively can you try and put something else on CH10 and test if it works - a servo or something?

      Thanks, Grant.

    • Thank you.

  • I'm sorry, I have the newest ArduRover version 2.49.

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