Convert MAVLink-message to PWM-output

Hello ArduRover-fans,

first I just want to say "hi" to everybody here.

I am working since a few month on a project to get the rover move autonomous through ROS. I wrote a node that sends a mavlink-message (set_roll_pitch_yaw_thrust) to my APM2. This is working fine for now.

Now I need help on the APM-side. I am not pretty sure if I am here right for getting help in the software-part?!

I just wrote a thread on the ardupilot-developer page, but it seems that there are not that much of users right now? So I hope to get some beginner help from here, maybe? If not, please help me to find the right place for getting help :D

Here is my thread with the code included, so I would be very thankful for getting some help. Thanks!

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    Take a look at mavproxy. Then look at the commands to set an RC channel to a specific pwm value.
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